JohnBob Carlos

 Photography by: Elizabeth Ramirez


JohnBob Carlos is a native Floridian and photographer capturing images of Florida’s wildlife, landscapes, cultures and waterways. It is his way of creating a voice for Florida’s nature and preserving Florida’s culture. Canvassing the depth of Florida’s natural terrain, he has been able to capture and document the beauty of such landscapes in a compelling and visually stunning format.

In recent years he’s become deeply concerned about the state of Florida’s nature, alarmed at the devastation of these areas, mostly due to money, development, pollution, business and politics. Although his focus is photography, his role is in a state of evolution due to his need to defend Florida’s wildlife and stand up for nature through the use of his art and voice. JohnBob Carlos’ work has been used for petitions to stop big oil and fracking, to save the Pine Rocklands, to support clean water initiatives, and to oppose bike roads that destroy the fragile Everglades.

Photography Exhibits

    • 2015 Museum of the Everglades Solo Exhibit Healing Totem: The Photography of JohnBob Carlos September-October 2015 [1]
    • 2017 Fort Lauderdale Historical Society Solo Exhibit Healing Waters: The Photography of JohnBob Carlos December 2017 [2]
    • 2017 Art Basel Miami LUSH Group Show at Fancy Nasty Studios [3]
    • 2017 Naples Art Association Group Show Animals Fact and Fable November 2017 [4]
    • 2018 Museum of the Everglades Solo Exhibit JohnBob Carlos: Hurricane Irma Collection January 2018 [5]
    • 2018 Museum of the Everglades Selected photos in Group Show at the Pauline Reeves Gallery in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the movie Wind Across the Everglades directed by Nicholas Ray and produced by Budd Schulberg [6]
    • 2018 FATVillage (Flagler+Arts+Technology) Selected Photos included in Group Show In Close Proximity [7]
    • 2018 FIU Green Library Group Show Awaken Florida organized and curated by JohnBob Carlos with a selection of his photography and artworks by other artists April 2018 followed by a Solo Exhibit JohnBob Carlos: Florida Awaken Photography April-October 2018 [8]
    • 2018 Deering State Oct. 17, 2018, through Jan. 5, 2019 [11]



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