Virtual Tour

This Tour was made during the Opening Night of the Healing Water photography exhibition at Deering State thank you Luis Naranjo for this amazing virtual tour.

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The solo exhibition at The Deering Estate features photographies by artist JohnBob Carlos, to celebrate the role of founder Charles Deering as an early naturalist and environmental advocate. The series on view, not by chance, has been titled by its author “Healing Waters“, as a call to the viewers to find self-healing from the immersion in the environment. The pictures capture the Everglades waters and question, at the same time, the potential role of artists’ action in saving Florida’s waters and reconnecting people with nature.

Carlos’ photographic research has always been focused on Florida’s natural landscapes, evolving in recent years to denounce the alarming situation related with the devastation of these areas. Through his art, Carlos stands up to defend the environmental cause of his native country. (